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    Control PI Connection Used by PIPutValX


      The target PI server is one of the parameters passed to PIPutValX.  Is there a way to manage the connection to that PI server?  For example, I want to use PIPutValX to write data to a given PI server by I want to programmatically manipulate the PI account used to write the data.

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          Hi Matt,


          Are you in the process of developing this application? If so, then the best option for you is to use the full PI SDK as it is accessible via Excel VBA, and includes the functionality you're looking for -- with lots of examples. Those examples can be found here on vCampus, and in the PI SDK help file (installed with the PI SDK to %PIHOME%\help\pisdk.chm).


          Otherwise, if you've got existing code that uses PIPutValX, we can look at options for doing what you want - but the PI SDK is better documented and more full-featured.