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    PI Tag Configuration


      I'm attempting to create a tag that holds its value until a different value is introduced.  For example, I have a tag with a scan rate of 10 minutes.  Many times, it may take the value an hour and a half to change.  Which means that I have several data points being stored to the database that are not necessary.  I thought that was the function of compressing but doesn't seem to be working.  Any ideas?

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          Hi Jeremy,


          This is one Techsupport question.  You could contact them for the detail.  However, this is not difficult to achieved, so I think you could try my idea following.


          This function could be in exception and compression.  Though they are not same way for data compressing, you will get the same result just in this case.  There are setting of Min and Max for both this 2 method.  You could set 1 hour for Max.  This means if there is not value change for one hour, PI server will write the current value into achieve.  And this could achieve your goal that not to store all unchanged values during 1 hour.


          Xi Wang


          vCampus team