Underscore '_' included in Tag Mask Query

Discussion created by PFC5478 on Aug 14, 2014
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Dear OSISoft Support,




Our team found an issue and would like to get some possible solutions:


Assume there is two Tag "Test_123" (with underscore) and "Test-456" (with hyphen). When we query the Tag Mask "Test_*" in Basic Tag Search


of PI System Management Tools (PI SMT), only "Test_123" would be found. If we use Advanced Search in PI SMT by inputting "PIpoint.Tag = 'test_*'",


both "Test_123" and "Test-456" would be found.




Since we have use PI SQL in PI SDK and we need to query something like stmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT tag FROM pisnapshot WHERE tag like 'test_*'");


and we want only Tag with Pattern like "Test_123" would be found, not something like "Test-456". We know '_' is a standard single character wildcard in standard SQL query


but we have also tried Tag Mask "PIpoint.Tag = 'test[_]*'" and none of tag can be found.




Please suggest how we can use PI SQL in PI SDK to only get "Test_123", not "Test-456".




Many Thanks!