Coresight : Issue with user access

Discussion created by benjamin.truquet on Aug 14, 2014
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I am testing Coresight. I installed it on a testing server where there are PI and AF.


The testing server is in the same domain that my personnal laptop : "domain"


I created a the local account "CoresightService" on the server and the coresight pools are launched with this account.


In the Windows Group "PI Coresight Users" i added my personnal account : "domain\myaccount"


When I access to Coresight with IE from my laptop (http://webserver/Coresight) a popup ask the login/password :


- when I use the local acount "CoresightService" it works


- when I use my personnal account it doesn't work, I've got the message : 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied .....




I don't understand why I doesn't because the access to AF with PI-SE works ?


Thank for your Help