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    AF Attribute as input natural ace Calculation






      I have


      Element A 




      Element B




      Element C






      how I can integrate Ace scheduler with AF


      and use Element A - Att as input (natural) to trigger ace calculation in Att in all the elements


      Please help ?

        • Re: AF Attribute as input natural ace Calculation
          Roger Palmen



          Some first pointers:


          - The AF-based Abacus or 'AF Analysis Service' works out-of-box (if the attribute is a PI Point).


          - ACE does not allow to trigger from AF attributes. You can trigger an ACE calculation from the PI Point in the AF attribute though, but that is something you need to configur manually.


          - You could use the AF to MDB link, and use the alias (which is an alias to the PI Point) to trigger your ACE calculation. This is the currently supported method for ACE.


          Personally i think the AF to MDB link is not really something i like to use so i generally recommend to avoid that.


          And the eternal question: can you explain a bit on your use case? Maybe we can think of alternate approaches.