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    ptclassrev - What exactly is it?


      I am developing an application to parse PI Base Subsystem audit files and e-mail the results daily. So far, I've processed point edits and classic point additions and deletions. Today, I started on totalizers. To that effect, I created a totalizer tag, forced a backup and then ran pidiag -xa to generate an XML output. When reading through the attributes, I found ptclassrev. What exactly is it? I searched documentation that shows it exists, but what is its purpose and what would an effective description be?

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          Hello Alex,


          Based on the attribute name I believe this is the Point Class Revision. I was hoping to find the confirmation in the PI Server documentation but it just lists the ptclassrev attribute. I also found information that this is a read only point attribute of type string. With PI "Base" is the basic point class. "Classic" & "Totalizer" have been derived from "Base". It's possible to create custom point classes but this feature is rarely used. I've never heard somebody revised a PI point class but I am still learning - day by day.