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    Starting with PI


      Hi to everyone, my name is Enrique Leal and i'm student of Santiago University of Chile, we want to use PI in our department of Electric Engeneering, we have a vcampus licence and we already have the PI Server, but we don´t know how conect it to our Control Center Motors, what kind of interface we need?, PI is used for a lot of minies companies and no student ever hear about it, we are learning to teach and progress but we still very inexperienced in the subject




      I hope you can help us





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          Hi Enrique,


          PI Server has some data access products, like PI AF SDK, PI Web API, PI OLEDB Enterprise/Provider, PI OPC Server, PI Web Services.  If you need to send data from PI Server to any of your system, could you please provide some information of your system that which kind of data access is available, or which technology your system is support to do the data transfer.  Then, we could discuss on how to transfer PI Data to your system.


          Xi Wang


          vCampus team

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