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EventFrame Error: No Data

Discussion created by Paurav Joshi Champion on Sep 3, 2014
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Hello there,


Let me tell you what I have done in my work environment to run the Event Frames:


My machine has PI EF Generator installed.
1. I created an EF template.
2. Then to check my template is correct or not I am trying to create new Event Frame and assign reference element to that.
3. The problem is that I am getting NO DATA in place of values in my attribute tab after assigning reference element.


I have created an Event frame Template as below:




Humidity is the attribute of my template. Please see below for reference element template and values:




When I am validating my template by using new event frame option. I got error/warning(I don't know what's this) in the attribute tab. Please see below for the error :






After trying hell of  possibilities, once I got the values but after 1-2 seconds the error No Data came once again and I didn't get values. In that few moments when output came, I saw that the below error/warning was not there:




Please guide me on how to overcome this problem.