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    Dynamic AF attribute referencing


      Hi, I have one that I just can't seem to get to function




      Here's what I have (example to make the discussion easier)


      In AF, there are 2 attributes built in a template called 'Location1'


      Source Tag as (??? None, String Builder, Table Lookup ???) <-- this is to store a settable text to reference which tag I want to return on the next PI tag (let say this is set to "MyTag")


      PI Tag Value as PI Point <-- This one, I'd like to have it set to something along these lines \\%Server%.'Source Tag', but use the value rather than the name




      Essentially what I'm looking to accomplish is have the "PI Tag Value" return \\Server.MyTag




      Now of course this is a poor example as it seems like a silly thing to do, but what I have is a variety of tags that are tagged so that they can be referenced easily using the \\%Server%\%Element%.XXXX methodology, but there are shared values (global flow meters) across multiple sites that will need to be displayed in each location's AF element created.  My thoughts were to all the insert of the template, call it 'Location1', go down to "Source Tag", set the value to "MyTag" and then the PI Tag Value would simply return the PI Point I'm directing it to.  The nice thing about this would be that in AF there's a value to reference to indicate the Flow Meter referenced (Source Tag) and the Value of that meter (PI Tag Value).