Drilling down to Sub Elements

Discussion created by tgreen on Sep 9, 2014
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In PI ACE, what would be the correct way to reference a sub element?


For example:


Parent Element








In PI ACE, I would want to set up the context reference to 'Parent Element', but within the script (likely using PISDK.PIPoint??), make reference to sub Element's attributes after returning the list of sub elements (may not have 3 as listed above):


something like:?



Dim myContext As PISDK.PIModule = PIACEBIFunctions.GetPIModuleFromPath(Context)



do a loop through the count of sub elements with the following in mind (don't want to clutter this up with VB code)




Dim MyTag As PISDK.PIPoint = myContext.PIAliases("Element1\Attribute1").DataSource


MyTagEU= MyTag.PointAttributes.GetAttributes.Item("EngUnits").Value



I might be way off base here, so correct my ignorance if need be!!


Thanks in advance!