System.InvalidOperationException in Server.UpdateValues

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Hi, I'm helping a partner company programmer on coding issues since he's not able to speak english.


Right now he's trying to write a code which gets data from a device called TC-NET made by TMEIC.




The code has a Data Gathering Part which gets data from the source and puts it in a List. The error occurs on the Data Saving part which sends the events in the List to PI. He's using AFSDK 2.6.




The error message is : “System.InvalidOperationException”


According to the Engineer, he declared List<AFValue>[] _WRITE_DATA which is an array of AFValue list. The Writing Method is locked and copies the _WRITE_DATA to _FINAL_DATA and then send the events in _FINAL_DATA to PI via For loop. It loops until all the arrays are sent.




                     private void DoWork_Writing()




                                lock (lockPIData) //The code below is run once in only one thread




                                          lock (lockData) //_WRITE_DATA is shared with data gathering thread so it is locked




                                                     _FINAL_DATA = _WRITE_DATA; //Transfer data <- reading data


                                                     _WRITE_DATA = afvaluesList; //array Initialize




                                          for (int i = 0; i < _FINAL_DATA.Length; i++)




                                                     List<AFValue> val = _FINAL_DATA [ i ];


                                                     if (val.Count == 0) break;


                                                     OSIsoft.AF.AFErrors<AFValue> errors = server.UpdateValues(val, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFUpdateOption.Insert); //error here!!










Seems to me, the type of val and UpdateValues required parameter doesn’t match. But I'm not really sure. I need some advice for this code.


Asked programmer about additional errors but he couldn’t find anything else. Is there a way I could help him? Any advice would be helpful.