Joe Devine

Coresight 2014 will not display XY Plots in Process Book

Discussion created by Joe Devine on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Joe Devine
I have installed the PI Coresight 2014 in development and I am impressed at how easily it handles PI Process Books but I have a few comments and would like to hear other feedback as well. Element Relative displays are a bit difficult as once you enter the "CurrentElement=" there does not appear to be a way to save the display with that setting. PI Coresight 2014 does not display XY plots at all as I created even a very simply XY Plot then exposed to Coresight and there was nothing on the display. I also find that I get a lot of "Query depth exceeded" errors when referring to AF attributes that are several layers deep in the AF structure. Is there a setting to correct the "Query depth" issue? Has anyone else seen this behavior?