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    PDI To SVG Bulk Convertor and Vice versa


      Hi All,


      I have to convert 180 PDI displays to SVG so that i can use them on Webparts and also while converting the display i want ensure that the display are save in " Zoom= FitAll" mode. For this bulk conversion i had written the following basic code as per my undersatnding (Newbee) but unfortunately after converting some displays it hangs. Can anyone give this a try ?


      Public Function FileList(Mask As String) As String()


          Dim file As String


          Dim sAns() As String


          Dim i As Integer


          file = Dir(Mask, vbNormal)


          i = 0


          While (file <> "")


              ReDim Preserve sAns(i) As String


              sAns(i) = file


              i = i + 1


              file = Dir




          FileList = sAns


      End Function


      Private Sub cmdSvg_Click()


          Dim sarr() As String


          Dim path As String


          path = TextBox1.Text & "\"


          sarr = FileList(path & "*.pdi")


          For Each file In sarr


              Dim newfile As String


              newfile = Replace(file, ".pdi", ".svg", , , vbTextCompare)


              Dim d As Display


              Set d = Application.Displays.Open(path & file, True)


              d.Zoom = "FitAll"


              d.SaveAs path & newfile, pbpdFormatSVG


              d.Close (True)




      End Sub