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    PI ICU - PI Source vs PI Conc


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      is possible using PI ICU on PI Interface Node of Concetrator explore/create/edit interfaces on PI Source? Which trust have to be enabled on PI Source & PI Conc?


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          Hi Marco,


          PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU) is supposed being used on Interface nodes to configure interfaces. Alternatively interface startup files can be maintained manually but the use of PI ICU is recommended. PI ICU can connect to the PI Data Archive based on a PI Trust or through Windows Integrated Security (WIS). The trusted or mapped PI identity must have read/write access to PI Module Database (MDB) because this is besides the Interface startup file where PI ICU stores the Interface configuration. Generally the identity must have write access to "PIModules" object (see PI SMT -> Security -> Database Security) and to the MDB path where the particular configuration of the Interface is stored (PI SMT -> Operation -> Module Database -> %OSI -> Interfaces -> <InterfaceNodeName> -> <InterfaceInstance>.