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    Anyone has done some study on implementing CIM in PI?


      Hello friends in the forum,


      We are a power utility and recently purchased PI as our new data historian. We have a need to create the system model in PI AF and Common Information Model is a candidate that we are validating.
      If anyone is familiar with CIM model please share your experience with us. The information we gather is quite broad, such as:
        *  Implementing CIM in power systems (data hierarchy, visualization, monitoring, analysis, etc)
        *  Implementing CIM in PI AF or other applications - like building CIM model in PI AF and create CIM based applications/displays
        *  Any good tools (general or for PI) to build /edit /visualize CIM model for utilities, or
        *  Any general idea and experience you have about CIM model


      You opinion is precious and most welcome. A lot of thanks!