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    PI System Web API - On a non-domain server




      Is it possible to run PI-WEBAPI on a machine which is in a workgroup rather than a domain.


      I have a self contained VM with PI etc on it, and added coresight. Coresight 2013 works perfectly.


      Coresight 2014 puts on PI WebAPI. However when running the index crawler / webapi services under the local coresight service account, the source crawler objects when trying to connect to webapi saying it does not belong to a domain and cannot contact the domain controller.


      Is there any way of getting this to work in a 2008 R2 workgroup, without having to either make the machine a domain controller or have several VM's, one of which is a domain controller.



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          Hello Simon,


          Specifically, PI Web API can be installed on non-domain environment. You can find details in the PI Web API Troubleshooting Guide.


          For the PI Indexed Search Crawler there is no workaround to get it working in workgroup. The machine hosting the PI Indexed Search Crawler must be a member of a domain. See PI Coresight 2014 Installation and Administration guide, page 7.