In AFSDK UpdateValue cannot use Replace from AFUpdateOption

Discussion created by cleroux on Oct 15, 2014
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Hey guys,


Using latest versions (2014 R2), when calling UpdateValue using the Replace option from the AFUpdateOption enumeration, I am not able to replace any values (and therefore set the substitution peramater). I just don't see any reaction in the archive, as if the call was ignored. When I step into debug, the call goes through like any others. All other AFUpdateOption work using the same exact code. I can even remove the value using the Remove option too using the same code. I tried to remove and then insert, that works but the substitution flag is not set so this is not good.


Did someone use this "Replace" mode successfully?




Simple code I use:



    Private Sub MyCalc(ByVal alist As AFAttributeList, ByVal t As AFTime)

        Dim vs As AFValues

        'Read the values from the attributes part of alist using the GetValue() call. 
        vs = alist.GetValue(t)

        Dim badCount As Integer = 0

        For j As Integer = 0 To alist.Count - 1
            Dim v As AFValue = vs.Item(j)
            If v.IsGood Then
                'Write the values back to the corresponding PIPoint DR attribute
                alist.Item(j).Data.UpdateValue(v, Data.AFUpdateOption.Replace)
                badCount = badCount + 1
            End If
        Next j

    End Sub