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    How to configure the PI point when the point source is C




      I have to configure a point in pi point builder as a calculation from another pi point.let us suppose i have a tag 'tag1' and i am creating 'tag2' with point source C.in the exdesc of 'tag'2 i am writing 'tag1'*2.


      i would like to know how to configure the Classic Tab properties mainly :Location 1.....Location 5





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          This is actually a Techsupport question, and you could call Techsupport line to get help.  In general, vCampus  team should transfer this issue to Techsupport team.  As this is a easy question, I will give you answer here.  However, if you have the similiar questions, it should be better to call OSIsoft Techsupport team.


          Point Source "C" means this PI tag is a PE (Performance Equation) tag.  Therefore, you could only choose Natural trigger (when tag1 has new value, tag 2 will do the calculation) or Time trigger (calculation based on the fixed time, like 2 seconds, 1 minute).  This needs to configure the PE interface.  If you need to know some details about Time trigger, please call OSIsoft Techsupport team.


          Regarding to your question, if you just use "Natual" trigger, it is not necessary to configure location1 to 5.  If you use "Time" trigger, location 4 is the only one need to be set.  The setting is same as the general PI Interface.  For example, after you configured the scan frequency for PE interface, you just need to put the matched number of the scan frequency in location 4.  The details, please call OSIsoft Techsupport team.


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          vCampus team