Converting DCS Screen to PI ProcessBook PDI

Discussion created by Mansour2010 on Oct 20, 2014
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This thread to show how to  convert your existing DCS screen (which is XML file) to PI ProcessBook PDI as dynamic screen similar to DCS one. This solution will help you to save your time if you have hundreds of DCS screens with a lot of dynamic elements and wants to replicate these screens in your ProcessBook for reporting purpose, you do not need to be developer to complete these steps below, just in step 7 you need to read VBA of ProcessBook manual to write your code.


1- Export of your DCS screen as XML file and call it DCS.xml (this is applicable to Foxboro, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Emerson, SIEMENS, RA ,..)


2- Use XSD.exe as CMD (windows Command line) to convert DCS .xml to DCS.xsd (you can follow the help of XSD.exe or you can use ).


3- Again use XSD.exe as CMD to convert DCS.xsd file to either C# class or VB.NET class, the new file is called DCS.cs or DCS.vb


4- Now you have your DCS class, you can use Visual Studio 2010 or later versions to convert this file to DLL file called DCS.DLL


5- Register the new DCS.DLL in your workstation which contain ProcessBook using REGSVR32.exe CMD as shown in the following link ( ).


6- Now go to ProcessBook, go to VBA using Alt+F11, then go to Tools > References and select DCS.DLL as one of your references (class).


7- Now you can use DCS.DLL as a class in ProcessBook to read setting from DCS.XML or any XML file from the same DCS and generate new PDI screen in ProcessBook similar to DCS one.




Can you try it and give me your feedback