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    show selected date in process book and format it


      Hi ,


      How i can shown the date of the report that the user selected .for example i have put the process book display in pi graphic webpart. And i would like to shown in process book the date that the user selected  from a pi time range web part located at the same page.


      second, how i can format it?

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          Hello Francois,


          I understand your question refers to PI Web Parts and that you have one or more Web Parts page where the user controls the time range used by a display hosted using PI Graphics Web Part using PI Time Range Web Part. I am not sure why you would like to show the selected time range within the display because the PI Time Range Web Part sits on the same page, doesn't it?


          ProcessBook symbols like Value and Trend can be configured to show time information. I wouldn't know of a dedicated ProcessBook symbol just showing start- and end-time information.


          There's the ability to get start- and end-time programmatically from the display but this doesn't work with PI Graphics (put possibly with PI Active View).



          Private Sub Display_DataUpdate()
              Label1.Caption = ThisDisplay.StartTime
              Label2.Caption = ThisDisplay.EndTime
          End Sub