Create a Notification Comment from code

Discussion created by aommeren on Oct 27, 2014
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I am trying to get my pieces together to solve the following puzzle :


The intention is to use PI Notifications to send maintenance alerts to the Maintenance system (SAP-PM). The idea is to use the XML delivery channel which I am trying to code at this very moment. These will be processed by the SAP interface/middleware.
Thinking ahead already....: the XML or Webservice DC's are basically fire and forget. I will propose to close the loop and store the feedback from SAP (the Notification ID or potential error) as a comment on the Notification (instance).


This async response can be made available in several ways I expect. My question is about :
- What information should be available to write the comment programmatically ? Notification ID (The GUID) and instance ID, ... ? I guess the AF or AN method will describe the needs.
- Are there code samples around that describe how I can do this (I prefer VB.NET) - already looking at other posts and the AF- and AN SDK help files, but I can use some help and direction here