PI System Training - What is the best structure for a Corporation with many manufacturing facilities?

Discussion created by trsmith on Oct 29, 2014
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We have been using PI in our manufacturing facilties for many years.  And, as we expanded each new facility would install a new PI Server.  So, we were all slightly different in how we did things.  Now the move is to standardize and start moving closer together so we can compare data across plants making similar products.  Sound familiar?  Of course this is very difficult when you've been using PI for a long time and things are very ingrained in the culture.  None the less, the questions are being asked as to what would be the best overall Corporate PI structure?  For example, would it be better to have one big PI Server that serviced all of the facilities, or maybe just narrow it down to several instead of one in each plant?  Would that gain us anything?  Would it hurt performance? etc etc...  Are there any classes or course that I can take to talk about these things specifically?  I need to get much more educated on the pros and cons of the different setups.  Thanks