Roger Palmen

When are WebID's generated in relation to AFSDK caching?

Discussion created by Roger Palmen on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Bhess

From documentation i learn that WebID's are a combination of AF GUID, and AF Path. The Path is a fallback whent he GUID is not found. Do i understand correctly, that every time i request e.g. an attribute (not the value), the WebID is generated based on the GUID and path currently in the AFSDK cache of the PI WebAPI?


Now my key question: if i replace (delete AF element, create new AF element with same path/name) the AFelement from another computer, how will that update the AFSDK cache and when will that render a new WebID?




I know the question is spread over the Web API subject and the AFSDK cache subject., but they can't be fully separated as i don't know if the PI Web API keeps any references to AFSDK objects to prevent garbage collection.