Starting MS Excel Reports Problem loading an AddIn after installing AF Client

Discussion created by RobFerguson1 on Nov 9, 2014
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Bit of an "of the wall" question this but if anyone else has had this prolem and solved it I would like to know.


I am on a client site so my privelege to do very much investigation myself here is limited.


They have MS Exel 2010 installed on a client PC.   We installed AF Client (I think it was 2010 issue software) and subsequently when we start MS Excel


a)    It is very slow to start


b)    It reports in a dialogue box "Compile error in hidden module modAddIn"


We can then use Excel as normal except that when we request to close a workbook window within Excel it stops Excel all together!


The MS Windows help tells us to enable the problem VBA modules (password unprotect) and then fix the code.   We can not do that because we do not have the passwords.


The only additional modules I see when looking at the VBA Developper explorer style window are "PITagConfigurator" and "PITrendXL".


Unless it is integral to PIDataLink, we do not need PITrendXL, is there a registery setting I can edit to stop it being accesed, using the usual Excel AddIns manager does not seem to help.


PI Tag Configuration (i.e. SMT functions) we do need in the normal Menu Bar AddIns option.  Is this VBA module "PITagConfigurator" related?   If it is not, again can I use REGEDIT to stop Excel trying to load it?


Finally - Is it possible there is a VBA "hidden" module that I am not seeing at all that is causing the problem?


Any suggestions welcome.


It seems the customer has no back up and involving their IT department to come and rebuild the machine is not a task anyone wants to contemplate.