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    Auditing PI server

      Hi, I'll start to audit a Pi system in a new customer, I downloaded from tech support the datasheet where indicate the areas and the content of the inform for this audit. I'll would like have the steps to perform in this audit(for ie, what I should check into the server, interfaces, clients, etc). Regards.
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          Hello Zack,


          Can you please post the link to the resource you've downloaded?

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            Roger Palmen

            If i perform an audit of a PI server, i typically take these sources into account to perform an audit:


            - OSIsoft recommendations on installation and security


            - General best-practices


            - Requirements for the specific instance of PI


            - Customer security / support / maintenance policies


            As these differ for each case, and the tooling and infrastructure to actually check these items, there is no fixed set of steps. In my opinion, it does require knowledge of PI to perform a good audit.

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                Hi Roger,


                I would like to know with more details the steps, commands to implements, etc; following this datasheet for auditing a Pi system,  I downloaded from techsupport this pdf file, PI system audit_datasheet

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                    @Zack: In general an audit of a PI Data Archive would consist of the following points:


                    Software audit

                    • Inventory of server, client and interface with their respective version
                    • Inventory of license usage Configuration and performance audit
                    • Review of architecture of your PI System
                    • Inventory of physical/virtual machines hosting PI System components and their OS
                    • Check of PI System event logs
                    • Check of PI System performance counters
                    • Review of the security model
                    • Review of high-availability and disaster recovery plan options in place
                    • Audit of PI point configuration
                    • Review of the backup and restore procedures of the PI System

                    3rd party and custom developed applications audit

                    • Audit on architecture and functionality of applications leveraging the PI System infrastructure

                    Audit on system administration

                    • Review of PI System administration best practices

                    More elements can be investigated based on the goals of the audit like to troubleshoot a performance issue recognized recently or to inventory what needs to be done before upgrading to next version.


                    The tools you will need are:

                    • PI System Management Tools (Point Builder, Logs, etc.)
                    • Windows Event Log Snap-In from Microsoft Windows
                    • perfmon from Microsoft Windows
                    • MCN Health monitor interface to capture performance
                    • piartool.exe
                    • msinfo32.exe from Microsoft Windows
                    • Control Panel>Program and Features from Microsoft Windows

                     There is no KB article on how to proceed for every point but you get the big picture here. Also, you can contact our Field Services that can perform an audit for you. They will produce an official report with the aforementioned items plus any others that you need to investigate.


                    I hope this helps.