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    PI Guage error




      I am getting the attached error 


      i am linking the gauge webpart to 3 AF attributes retrieved from sql database to show 3 gauges.


      i am linking another gauge to 3 AF attributes retrieving from PI and it is working fine.


      Kindly can you help on this.









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          Roger Palmen

          If you retrieve data from externat databases in PI, then the PI Data Services, which are used by the PI WebParts, must be able to connect to the external database and retrieve the data.


          If you open PI System Explorer on the SharePoint node that runs the PI Data Services, can you see the data from the external database?


          If not, you have infrastructure and/or authorisation issues.


          Any info on PI WebParts versions?

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              Hello Roger,


              Thanks for your reply.


              PI data services dont need to connect to the database because i am using table lookup in AF  and retrieving AF attributes into PI webparts. so pi webpart only connect to AF.I am not connecting from  piwebpart to the database directly using sql. Please correct me if i am wrong.


              yes from AF i can see the external data.All is perfect.


              version is pi webpart 2013 sp1

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                  Roger Palmen

                  Well, there's the caveat: you are, more or less, directly using SQL


                  The AF server does not query any data except for external sources. The AFSDK retrieves the AFmodel from the AFserver, and then the AFSDK gets the data from SQL. In the case of PI WebParts, it's the PI Data Services component which retrieves the data directly from SQL.


                  In WebParts 2013, the PI DataServices are located on the SharePoint Web FrontEnd Server(s), so did you check on that server if using PI System Explorer you can see the data from SQL?

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                      Hi Roger,


                      Yes data is visible from system explorer on


                      Sharepoint server.


                      If I use pi trend web part to retrieve that same data it works.it is not security issue.something related to piwebpart

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                          Hello Francois,


                          I've checked the Technical Support database and there's just another case with that error. It's a PI Web Parts 2013 installation and it is still under investigation.


                          You'll be contacted by an OSIsoft Technical Support representative.