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Hello all,




I developped my own interface and I have the following problem :




1) The call of the following procedure takes more than 2,5 seconds :


ret = piPointInput.ArchiveStrVar(G_server_name);


2,5 seconds is the difference of the measure of the time before and after the call of the function.



2) The procedure contains the following code lines:




bool pi_pointInput::ArchiveStrVar(string serverName)
    bool ret = false;

    // pi_server
    pi_server piServer;     // refer to the pi_server class
    HRESULT errorNb;      // _com_err error number
    _bstr_t errorDescr;   // _com_err error description

    errorNb = 0;
    ret = piServer.selectServer(serverName, errorDescr, errorNb);
    return ret;
} // end ArchiveStrVar


If I measure the time at the beginning of the function and just before the return of the function, the difference is about 300ms.



3) the content of selectServer is :


bool pi_server::selectServer(string serverName, _bstr_t &errorDescr, HRESULT &errorNb)
    IPISDKPtr pPISDK(__uuidof(PISDK));
    ServersPtr pServers;
    bool ret = TRUE;

    // select list of servers
    pServers = pPISDK->Servers;
    if(pPISDK != NULL) pPISDK.Release();
    if(pServers != NULL) pServers.Release();


    return ret;



Do you see something wrong ? perhaps in the release of the variables ?


If I comment the  pServers = pPISDK->Servers; line, the mesure in 1) is about 100 ms, instead of 2,5s.




Thank you for your help !