PI-ODBC3 CTP2 with Oracle Gateway for ODBC 12c

Discussion created by bmercer on Nov 19, 2014
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Has any Oracle savy developers successfully been able to use the new PI-ODBC 3  CTP2 driver with Oracle 12c Gateway for ODBC?


I can make a connection to the PI Data Archive server as long as the HS_DB_NAME and HS_DB_DOMAIN heterogeneous services (HS) initialization parameters are commented out.  Although this is a successfull connection Oracle SQL Developer complains with the following message:




 An error was encountered performing the requested operation:


ORA-02085: database link MYSERVER.MYDOMAIN connects to HO.WORLD


02085. 00000 - "database link %s connects to %s"


*Cause: a database link connect to a database with a different name.


The connection is rejected.


*Action: create a database link with the same name as the database it connects to, or set global_names=false.


Vendor code 2085




This is kind of the expected behaviour as the default database name and domain will be HO.WORLD when those parameters are not defined.  It does however allow me to prove the connection to the PI Server and I can see the connection being made.


When I set the HS_DB_NAME=MYSERVER and the HS_DB_DOMAIN=MYDOMAIN in the HS initialization file I get the following message.


 An error was encountered performing the requested operation:


ORA-28536: error in processing Heterogeneous Services initialization parameters


ORA-28508: invalid value MYSERVER for Heterogeneous Services initialization parameter HS_DB_NAME


ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from MYSERVER


28536. 00000 - "error in processing Heterogeneous Services initialization parameters"