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Discussion created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Nov 19, 2014
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I'm frustrated with something so I'm venting on vCampus  PI DevClub.


The subject is PI Interfaces and the Point Update mechanism - I already have open communications with OSIsoft directly but I'm interested to know how widely within the community this feature is known. (More widely known by the time you finish reading this. )


When an interface connects to a destination PI Server it will signup for PI Point Updates so that it knows about changes that it should process to add/remove/change PI Points from the interface. However, interfaces don't receive their relevant PI Points (i.e. from the interface's pointsource(s)), they will receive changes from any PI Point on the destination PI Server. So you can imagine if you have a PI Interface sending data for 100 PI Points on a PI Server that contains 1,000,000 PI Points, if you change 100,000 PI Points (e.g. data security change, compression standard changes) then that interface will receive all 100,000 changes. Now imagine you have 100 PI Interfaces connected, all 100 PI Interfaces will each receive the 100,000 PI Point changes. Next, imagine your interfaces are single threaded like PI to PI so data replication & point change checking interfere with each other, your interfaces are now disrupted by irrelevant point changes...the larger your PI Server the more potential impact to your interfaces...