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    WebService in PINotifications


      Hi everybody,


      I want to configure PI Notification and want o call third party webservice.


      Third party web service file I got from vendor is wsdl file.


      But Pi Notification accepts only asmx file or link.


      Is there any method to convert wsdl to asmx file so that it accepts it.


      i tried using wsdl file but its throwing error like "Web Service Delivery Channel only supports web methods with primitive or enumeration types".


      Can somebody help me on this.



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          Hello Shankar,


          Enhancement Request # 44231 is about supporting more complex argument types with Web Service delivery channel. There doesn't appear to be a schedule for this enhancement request.


          Converting WSDL to ASMX is a more common question - not limited to PI. I have done an internet research and found quite some conversations about this question.