Generation of Pulse Data using Ramp Soak Simulator

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I am working on one of the requirement and to test the requirement I need a data to be generated in a particular pattern. For example, I have 4 tags which should generate 1 and 0. Let's name them as 'Master', 'Slave1', 'Slave2' and 'Slave3'.


'Master' would be set to 1 for the entitre cycle time. The 'Slave' tags set and reset alternatively. For instance, if 'Slave1' is set to 1, 'Slave2' and 'Slave3' are 0 and so on. I need to simulate data in this pattern. I have used Ramp_soak simulator to do so. Data should generate every second.  Below are my point attribute settings:


'Master'  Exdesc: (1,1)(16,1)(1,0) Span:1 Zero:1 PointType:Int32  locatiion1:0


'Slave1' Exdesc: (1,1)(3,1)(1,0) Span:1 Zero:1 PointType:Int32 location1:1


'Slave2' Exdesc: (1,1)(3,1)(1,0) Span:1 Zero:1 PointType:Int32 location1:5


'Slave3' Exdesc: (1,1)(4,1)(1,0) Span:1 Zero:1 PointType:Int32 location1:10


But I have no luck yet with these settings. Can anyone help me out in generating data in this pattern? Is there any other simpler way of simulating this kind of data?