Save processbook contents in a text file

Discussion created by ssinha39 on Nov 21, 2014
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I am trying to save information from Processbook to text file. If I hard-code the location of the path to save the text file, VBA works fine but the requirement is to provide the location using 'Save as' dialog. To achieve this I tried "Application.GetSaveAsFilename()" which works well in Excel VBA but the same function doesn't work in Processbook, it opens the save as dialog box but clicking on save button doesn't do anything.




Could someone please suggest a way to achieve this/ Attached is the screenshot and code for your reference. Thank You

Dim saveFilePath As Variant
saveFilePath = Application.GetSaveAsFilename()
If saveFilePath <> False Then
    Call MsgBox("Teste", vbInformation, "Save Path")
End If