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    Create Or update PI Point not working on PI System Explorer



      I have created a Template and used it on an AFElement within PI System Explorer.
      The AFElement has a PIPoint not created.
      I right click and use the "Create Or Update PIPoint" which finishes with a success popup: here joined.
      But when I check again in SMT or in System Explorer, it seems as if the operation did not do the job.
      I have not found any log related to that issue.
      Any idea?
      My environment :
      PI AF Server 2014 R2
      PI Server 2012 



        • Re: Create Or update PI Point not working on PI System Explorer

          Hi David,


          I was able to reproduce the behavior you described and researched our call database. The reason this is not working for you is that the pointype information is missing. Try adding it below the "Settings" button on the right hand side, check-in your changes and try "Create or Update PI point" again. I am pretty sure this time it will work for you.


          The "Create Config" dialog however appears buggy. I'll engage Technical Support. An engineer will work with you and (I expect) finally provide you with a WI (work-item) or PLI (punch-list-item) number.

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