How to launch and populate a Subscription Content Editor

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Hello all,


I am not a full-time developer but I know how to get things done most of the time by having some good examples.
In the current case I was a able to launch a custom delivery channel based on the XML DC example.
This works fine so far
Now I have an additional requirement : I need to set some subscription specific parameters/values to my XML output.
I want to give the user the opportunity to add a comment, when the selected XML delivery endpoint is selected for a certain notification I want to display a text box (?) where the comment can be written.
This text box contents needs to be added to the XML output when the notification fires.

I followed the blog (don't know how to insert a link here) from some years ago and downloaded the specific code example for the XMLDCContentEditor.

I added the items to my project, had to make some changes since I am using Visual Studio 2010 and added the following to the XML class

Public Overloads Overrides ReadOnly Property ContentEditorType() As Type
          Return GetType(XMLDCContentEditor)
     End Get
End Property

This doesn't have an effect : I do not see a change when I register the modified plugin.
I still see the standard white content pane showing "Standard Content" and "Trigger Input" 


All suggestions are welcome!




Ad van Ommeren












In the current case I was able to create a custome delivery channel mostly based on the XML DC example