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    Tuning Parameters

      Hi all, I need to change some Tuning Parameters in tab "Archive" (server side). After the changes, is necessary to stop&start PI Archive Subsytem to make the changes real? Or is necessary to do something particular? Best Regards, Marco
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          Hello Marco,


          That depends on the tuning parameter. When you double-click a specific tuning parameter, a dialog opens that allows you to change the tuning parameters value. This dialog has as well a detailed description of what the tuning parameter does and sometimes this description contains information if a subsystem restart is required to make the change become affective or not.


          Please take caution and do not change tuning parameters in production without discussing the planned change with an OSIsoft Technical Support representative. Technical Support Engineers are supposed to contact the PI Server product specialist team for advise.

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              Hi Gregor,


              Thanks a lot for your support and for your response and thanks for your advertisment. I can see in the dialog description


              - Parameter takes effect at checked once a minute;


              - Parameter takes effect at startup only.


              So, reading your message, I think is necessary to stop & start the PI Archive Subsystem to make the change affective, right?