Using FindChangedItems without considering changes from non-config item attributes set with no DR

Discussion created by fabiano.batista on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by Roger Palmen

Hi everyone,


I am using FindChangedItems method to find all changes in my database (such as elements created, deleted, added attributes, etc.) for synchronization purposes. However, I noticed that method also detects changes in values from attributes without data reference (DR) that are not set as Config Item.  When I send a new value to that given attribute, the element containing such attribute will be reported as a changed item (Action = Updated).


Since I am using FindChangeItems to synchronize the AF structure with a calculation model in memory, I am interested in only getting the change info from the AF structure that represent my plant model, and not from the attribute I use to store some calculation results (no history is necessary, so it is not set as a PI Point DR). I believe it does makes sense to detect changes from an Element that had a ConfigurationItem attribute edited, but detecting changes related to non-config item attributes without a DR should be something optional.


Does anyone know any workaround to ignore changes coming from attributes w/o DR when using FindChangedItems?