Issue about putting in Scan Off PItoPI tags

Discussion created by marco.zoccoli on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Dan Fishman

Hi all,


I put in Scan Off 9000 tags of different PItopI interfaces on the same PI Server. After that I noticed that tags of just one of this interfaces have been updated to Scan Off status, while tags of all the other interfaces have still the same value they have before I put them in Scan Off or they are being updated to Scan Off status but very slowly.


I stopped and restarted one of this interface and soon after all tags in scope (of this interface) have been updated on Scan Off status correctly.


Is it necessary to restart the interfaces to be sure that all tags in scope will be updated to Scan Off status? If not, is it normal to wait for a long time before all 9000 tags are updated to Scan Off status?


Is it possible that some interface types need to be restarted to make Scan Off status effective and other types don't need it?


Thank you in advance,


Regards Marco