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    Analytics setup on Downtime Eventframe

      Hello, i want to use the new Analysis Function [Event Frame Generation] to create multible Downtime Events. We have one Tage called DTS_Linestatus with values from 0 to 4000. Each of this represents a unique Downtime Reason like 2000 is setup Mode and 4000 is Runtime Mode. I have created a StartTrigger like prevVal('DTS_Linestatus', '*') <> TagVal('DTS_Linestatus', '*') and Endtrigger is TagVal('DTS_Linestatus', '*') = 0 as a sample to stop the eventframe in total. Now i thought we have each time an new Event Frame created when the starttrigger is true like the 'Step' behavior at EFGen Service. i failed ;-) what is the magic formular to get a new Event created when the Tag has changed to any other Value as before. thanks stefan