Timeout issue when deleting multiple PIPoints with data

Discussion created by Goodtech on Dec 9, 2014
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I feel like I've been spamming the forum with all my questions, but I hope it's okay.


Deleting multiple PIPoints that have no events is done almost instantly, regardless of whether I use PIServer.DeletePiPoints or PIServer.DeletePIPoint in a loop, but have run into a bit of trouble when I try to delete points that contain a lot of events. I have a set of 100 PIPoints with data that I use for testing.The points have about 6.7 million events, spread unevenly. The point with the most events has about 250 000 events.


If I create the points and insert their 6.7 million events, deleting them is still pretty fast, taking a handful of seconds. If I call the function that inserts the 6.7 million events with no compression again and try to delete all the points, the application seems to hang for a minute or two before I get the following message for each individual PIPoint I try to delete:



[-10722] PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call.


Even though I get those errors, the points still seem to get deleted if I wait a bit.


So my questions are:
1) Why is the time it takes to delete points increasing by several orders of magnitude when I double the amount of events?
2) Why are the delete calls timing out?
3) If the calls time out, why are the points still deleted?
4) What, if anything, can be done to prevent this?