PI JDBC driver software prerequisites

Discussion created by kjelavankal on Dec 9, 2014
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Hi ,


I am using PI jDBC driver to access PI server from a Java application.


         String driver = "com.osisoft.jdbc.Driver";
          conn = DriverManager.getConnection(Uid,Pwd);


I am getting ready to move my code to a server . Currently I have everything insalled on my desktop .


I installed the following softwares on my desktop




2) PI-OLEDB-Enterprise_2012_.exe


3) PI-SQL-DAS_1.3.0.0251_.exe


4) PI-JDBC_2012_.exe


Should I install all this on my  java application server or only few among this  to connect to a PI server from my java server ?


I also have downloaded the following files - PIDataLink_2010 SP1_.exe ,PIDataLink_2013_.exe and PI-OLEDB_2010-R3_.exe


I dont want to install everything on a server . ( Ihad that luxury on my desktop) . Can you please guide me on this question ?