Custom Delivery Channel for .net 4.0 framework.

Discussion created by ChewCheeLim on Dec 10, 2014
Hi, there, I am trying to put together a custom delivery channel to use AF SDK 2.5 (and above) for .net 4.0 version. Then I ran into error " PlugIn type was not found." error. followed a post in vCampus, ( it says that to use .Net 3.5 compiled against 'any cpu'. With 2014 releases on AF & Notification. What's my best option to develop this custom delivery channel? Do u have a 2014 help doc for this custom delivery channel? I switched my code to use .net 3.5 but then running into below error:- ANWPFDeliveryFormatEditor' does not exist in XML namespace 'clr-namespace:OSIsoft.AN.UI.WPF;assembly=OSIsoft.PIAnalytics.SDK I am using OSISoft.PIAnalytics.SDK - Version 1.0.777.0 with runtime Version:- v2.0.50727 VB 2013 -- tagerting .net 3.5 framework.