Buffer and Bandwidth calculation

Discussion created by Rhys@Wipro on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by VCampus-METCO
I see that OSIsoft recently released an improved Buffer and Bandwidth Calculation spreadsheet for estimating bandwidth usage, and fill/drain times for the buffer files.  At first glance it looked good but the deeper I try to estimate real world interface scenarios I spend too much time using the sheet to come up with a good estimates.

Couple of areas that I think it should be improved upon:

- The interface node configuration section should have a tabular format so that the number of tags per scan class can be defined.  Oh and more and more interface configurations are using millisecond configuration, we need to be able to specify < 1 second scan rates - especially important when you consider mapping out PItoPI scenarios.  So having scan rates along the top, point types down the left and us consumers fill out the point type count per scan class.
- Similar comment for the estimated drain time.  I should be able to specify a few different outage time spans and see the estimated drain times for each. 

Something else I am not sure of, do the estimations always assume that 2 values are sent for each new snapshot (new event + prev event)?

Will there be any significant change to the estimation calculations for PI Server 2012 given that we are going to have improved buffer backfilling (PIBufss 2012)?