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Learning Lab - Tank Level Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 13, 2012
In this cool Learning Lab you will learn how to use the Insert Trend function with data from an Excel worksheet and PI data.

You have some production limit specifications and you want to be able to see how the previous day’s production measured up against those limits. The production tag you need to use is CDT158 and the limits are as follows:


We will use a PI Trend in Excel to display real-time data alongside Excel data. We could use Excel’s graphing capability, however, we would not be able to automatically refresh the graph.  There is a template for this exercise that can be downloaded from here.  If you are using the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment, you can find the template in C:\Labs\Visuals\Tank Level\Workspace.

Adding a PI Trend to Excel with PI DataLink

Ok, pay attention and here we go:

1. Open the template and select cell B7.
2. Select PI > Insert Trend.
3. Select the Data from PI radio button.
4. Select cells C2 for the Tag name field.
5. Click on the Add -> button, this will add the tag data to the trend.


5. Now select the Data on worksheet radio button.
6. Select the First element is trace name check box.
7. In the Cell range containing data field, select the cell range C3:F5, containing the data (dates, limit names and limit values). Click on the Add-> button.
8. Click on the Next button.
9. For the Start time and End time, click on the button and select cells C4 and C5, respectively.
10. Click on the Next button.
11. Click on the Finish button.

So now you have a cool trend on your spreadsheet.  Come back for Part 2 and see how we can export the data from this trend or watch a video version of this Lab.