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Learning Lab - Daily Production Report Part 2

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 13, 2012
Did you follow Part 1 of this Learning Lab?  Were you able to finish it on your own?  You did not have the time?  Not to worry, here is the rest of the Lab with everything that you need to know to start creating your report in Excel with PI DataLink.

Performing Daily calculations in our Production Report with PI DataLink

We will now calculate the daily production total for every day during last week.

1. Select cell A20 and click on the Calculated Data function.
2. Just like before select the Tagname field and click on cell B3.
3. Select the Start Time and click on cell B4.
4. Select the End Time and click on cell B5.
5. Select the Time Interval field and click cell B7 to select 1 day.
6. Enter 1440 for the Conversion Factor.
7. Ensure the Calculation Mode is set to total.
8. Select the show start time option.
9. Click OK.
10. To Calculate the average, select the cell C20.
11. Make the same selections as before for the Tagname, Start Time, End Time and Time Interval.
12. Ensure the Calculation Mode is set to average and that show start and end time are unchecked.
13. Click OK.
14. You can now repeat the same steps as before to calculate the standard deviation, minimum, maximum and range.
15. Ensure that when calculating the range, the show percent good is checked.
16. Click F9 to recalculate and your report should now look like the picture below.



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Watch this Learning Lab in video format below.