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Learning Lab - PI DataLink Calculations Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 14, 2012
Would you like to learn how to carry out a calculation for the current value of an expression and how to use Excel’s Conditional Formatting to make your PI Data Link reports more useful.  Well you are in the right place.

Imagine that you are a Shift Team Leader in a bottling plant and you want to produce a real time report that shows the average speed of the bottle filler for the past hour. You also wish to compare this average to the average of the 3 hours before, to know whether you are positively impacting production speed for your shift or not. The speed of the bottle filler is measured by the tag SINUSOID.  In this Learning Lab you will accomplish all of these.

Approach to Build the Calculation

You can start by downloading the template located here, or if using the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment, the template is located in C:\Labs\Visuals\Expression Calculation\Workspace.  Using the built-in function TagAvg(), calculate and display the average for the filler speed tag (SINUSOID) for the last hour. Using the built-in functions Sgn() and TagAvg(), calculate whether your hourly production rate is better or worse than that for the three hours prior. Use Excel’s conditional formatting to get a quick view of your performance.

The completed report should look like the picture below:


Try to do it on your own and then go to Part 2 to see the step by step solution.


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