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Learning Lab - Operating Time with Time Filtered Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 14, 2012

Are you in charge of monitoring or maintenance of any type of equipment? Then this Learning Lab is for you. In this Lab you will create a PI DataLink report to calculate the operating time of a pump with the function Time Filtered.

Imagine you are the person in charge of the maintenance program and you want to know the operating time for a specific pump, and to find the amount of time the pump was “Active” using the function Time Filtered. This method performs the calculation in a single step; saving the step of doing the filtering with the IF function in Excel.

Approach to Create a Report to Calculate Operating Time

Download the template from here, or if using the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment, open the template located in C:\Labs\Visuals\Operating Time with Time Filtered Data\Workspace. Use Time Filtered results to perform an analysis of the time that your machine state was ACTIVE. The Time Filtered function returns the amount of time that an expression is true. The report should allow the user to select the time unit to display.

The completed report should look like the picture below:


Try to do it on your own or go to Part 2 to follow the step by step solution.


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