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Learning Lab - Operating Time with Time Filtered Part 2

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 14, 2012
This is Part 2 of the Operating Time with Time Filtered Learning Lab.

Creating a Report that Calculates Pump Running Time with PI DataLink

1. Open the template.
2. Enter the following expression in cell B7: ''BA:ACTIVE.1' = "ACTIVE" (The first two characters are single quotes)
3. In cell C9, select Data > Validation.


4. For the validation criteria, select Allow > List.


5. Under Source type:  seconds, minutes, hours, days


6. Select cell A10 on the upper left hand corner of the data output.
5. Select PI > Time Filtered.


6. In the dialog box, select the Expression field and click on cell B7.
7. Select the Start Time and click on cell B4.
8. Select the End Time and click on cell B5.
9. Select the Time Interval field and click on cell B6.
10. Select the Show Start Time option.
11. Select the Time Units field and click on the cell reference button, then click on cell C9 for the time units.
12. Click OK.


You now have a nice report that calculates pump running time for you.  An expression can contain multiple conditions using the logical operators OR and AND.  As an example, enter the following expression:
Note the difference in the calculation of time when this condition was met.  Also try: