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the script of ODBC connection when we use the trust in PI system

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by mariamp

For the purpose to clearly know the connection from application and user, we use the PI trust mapping the Windows domain accout, some of trust is for the static IP address.

Then we have a question on the PI connection. As before, the connection string for PI like
"PIConstr"  value="DSN=PI;UID=PIDEMO;PWD=" .

And now, we set the password for PIDEMO, so, the connection string doesn't work. It reported error as "  ERROR [28000] [OSI][PI-ODBC][PI]Invalid authorization specification
   Certainly, filling the password there would be an option. However, we didn't like this method.

For this ODBC connection, what is the suggestion under current situation?