Pablo Benvenuto

Learning Lab - Build a Simple Web Part Page Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 24, 2012
In this Learning Lab we will teach you how to configure PI WebParts and assemble web pages.  We will create a web part page in a SharePoint site, we will then add a PI Gauge, PI TimeRange, PI TreeeView, PI Graphics and a PI Trend web parts.

To complete this Learning Lab you will need a PI System and a SharePoint server.  If you do not have both of these available you are welcome to use the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment.  Learn more.  In this Learning Lab we are using SharePoint 2010 and PI WebParts 2010.

Creating a Web Part Page

Open Internet Explorer (IE) and navigate to the OSIsoft Learning Labs Site in SharePoint, which you can find under favorites.


Select More Options... from the Site Actions menu.


On the pop up menu you can filter the options by selecting Page and then select Web Part Page from the column on the right and click on Create.


In the name field, enter Exercise01.  In the Layout section, select the Left Column, Header, Footer, Top Row, 3 Columns layout.
Click on Create at the bottom.  The Web Part Page is ready to be configured.


Now that we have created a Web Part page you can go to Part 2.