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PI 101, Module 5: Finding Data

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Sep 28, 2012

Do you need to find data in the PI System? Well, this is the coolest and easiest way to do it.

Finding data in the PI Asset Framework Server

Most PI applications will give you the option of searching for Elements or Element Attributes. When you drill down to an element you can inspect its Attributes (like current value), or any other key information. Elements are Assets. Element Attributes reflect the tags and associated data. Below are examples of search results:


In the majority of cases, you will be looking at data contained in elements, just as you would have looked at tag data. However, one of the biggest advantage to using elements and attributes over tags is that you can clearly see what other data is associated with an asset – something you cannot determine using tags.


Do you want to do it the old fashion way? Well, nothing wrong with being a little bit retro. Read on to learn how to search for tags in the PI Server.

Review Questions


Does your PI System include an AF Server? If it does, conduct a search for a typical term that might return some elements, such as fule or tank. Examine the elements returned and the structure of the AF Hierarchy. Can you conduct a search for some of the processes or equipment that you are familiar with? Are they in the AF Server? Did you know that you can construct elements and a hierarchy for processes and equipment that you work with?

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Do you want to learn more about PI AF? Well, we have a playlist in the OSIsoft Learning Channel that I think you will find useful.